Last updated: 08/09/2016

Educational Modules on the International Treaty

The Secretariat of the International Treaty has just published its third educational module with the title The Funding Strategy of the International Treaty.

The module is part of a series of training materials that the Secretariat is developing with the aim to strengthen stakeholders’ capacities for the operation of the International Treaty and to enhance information and raise awareness among other interested parties. This is the first time that educational materials on the International Treaty are produced under the coordination of the Secretariat in a participatory process involving international experts and stakeholders of all regions.

Since the International Treaty’s entry into force in 2004, the need for capacity development on its operation has been increasingly voiced by Contracting Parties and stakeholder groups. The translation of its provisions into effective measures at national level is critical for the full implementation of the International Treaty’s objectives. The development of the educational modules is part of the Secretariat’s response to this need. The work on these training materials was officially welcomed by the Governing Body of the International Treaty at its fourth session.

Each module consists of several self-contained lessons that elaborate on the provisions of the International Treaty and provide best practices and concrete examples derived from the expertise accumulated during the early phase of implementation. The full series contains the following five modules:

The full series contains the following five modules:
     • Introduction to the International Treaty
     • Conservation and Sustainable Use
     • The Funding Strategy
     • Farmers’ Rights
     • The Multilateral System of Access and Benefit-sharing

      Every lesson is tailored to one or several of the following learner groups:
     • Policy makers and their staff
     • Civil servants
     • Gene bank staff
     • Plant breeders
     • Farmers’ organizations
     • Other civil society organizations
     • Media
     • Academia
     • Prospective donors

Download the brochure here.