Last updated: 10/08/2016

The Treaty's Grant making Process

The Treaty is committed to a rigorous, objective and efficient grantmaking process. The following reflects a step-by-step overview:FAO/G. Napolitano
     1. The Treaty Bureau announces a “call for proposals”, the last one was in 2010.
     2. The Treaty activates its global network to raise awareness and encourage the highest quality, most innovative and scalable proposals.
     3. Proposals are appraised according to eligibility and selection criteria by a panel of experts who reviews, scores and ranks the proposals on their quality and technical merits.
     4. The Bureau, based on the appraisal and recommendations made by the panel of experts, approves the projects to be funded. Information is be made available to grant-seekers on the Treaty’s website.
     5. The Secretariat then establishes a contractual relationship with the executing entities of the approved projects, including more defined elements for report and monitoring as well as other general conditions.
     6. The agreement and corresponding grant payment schedule is then signed.
     7. Working in close collaboration with the Secretariat, National Focal Points and other stakeholders, the primary grant recipient submits regular project updates along with disbursement requests.
     8. Once per year, the Treaty requires detailed program and financial statement, with future disbursements linked to the quality of the recipient’s stewardship of the funds and their progress against agreed targets.

 The priorities, the eligibility criteria and the steps of the project cycle of the Benefit-sharing Fund are described in annexes 1 to 3 of the Funding Strategy. The secretariat has compiled them in a booklet for ease reference.