Last updated: 08/09/2016

Media and Communication Resource Kit

        This kit has been designed to answer the call from National Focal Points (NFPs) and other involved with the Treaty at national level, including responsible of gene banks, NGOs and ministries. It is intended to support in improving their ability to raise public and media awareness and understanding of the Treaty and its activities.

When fully operational, the Treaty Communication Kit will recognize and integrate information from countries whose media activities have been successful, presenting them as best practices for sharing with other countries. This includes posting examples of printed and video communication products that can be used as models by other countries that are developing similar products. In its initial phase, the Media Kit will be piloted in several countries, and feedback as to its ease of use and usefulness will be incorporated into the final product, which will be made available online for all countries to access.

For example, the Kit will provide:
o advice on steps to take and advice on how to contact the media when seeking to increase public awareness of the Treaty,
o short text samples that explain Treaty activities and benefits in non-technical language which can be communicated during interviews or imported and adapted into text for new communication materials,
o samples of existing materials that have been developed and used successfully by the Secretariat and member countries.

It is hoped that some of these suggestions and examples will help NFPs develop their own media strategies or at least take the first steps. This proposed kit is a communication support product being prepared by the Treaty Secretariat to help raise visibility of the Treaty through supporting media outreach in member countries.

Media and Communication Ressource Kit - cover

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