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Third Call for Project Proposals under the Treaty's Benefit-sharing Fund

photoThe Bureau of the Governing Body of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture opened the Third Call for Proposals under the Benefit-sharing Fund of the Treaty on 7 March 2014. The Fund will invest more than USD 10 million in projects under this Call globally.

The thematic focus of the Call for Proposals 2014, within the three agreed priorities of the Benefit-sharing Fund, is helping to ensure sustainable food security by assisting farmers to adapt to climate change through a targeted set of high impact activities on the conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture.

The application period of the Third Call for Proposals under the Benefit-sharing Fund of the International Treaty was closed on 2nd of July 2014.  A wide range of institutions from different regions have expressed their interest in the Third Call, including government agencies, international research institutes, NGOs, farmers’ organizations, genebanks and international development organizations. The Secretariat received more than 270 pre-proposals for both, Window 2 and Window 3.

At its Fourth Session, the Governing Body emphasized the importance of an inclusive process in the selection of projects to be funded to which all regions feel committed. At the same time, it emphasized that quality, relevance and technical merit shall determine the appraisal and approval of projects. The new Operational Procedures adopted by the Governing Body at its Fifth Session, state that the approval of project proposals should be undertaken according to funds at disposal and other considerations such a geographical balance.

Given such background, the eligible pre-proposals were submitted to an Independent Panel of Experts for screening. As decided at the Third Session of the Governing Body in 2009, the Panel of Experts is composed of two experts per region, designated by the Bureau, in consultation with regions, from a roster of experts. The Independent Panel of Experts screened the pre-proposals against the screening criteria listed in the text of the Call and the Guidelines for screening of the project pre-proposals.

The screening of individual pre-proposals by experts was organized so that the best pre-proposals for each Region were recommended to the Bureau, resulting in the approval of a list of 64 pre-proposals that will be invited to submit full project proposals by 5 of December 2014. The list of approved pre-proposals invited to develop full project proposals is available online.  

The Secretariat will contact applicants individually.  As part of the helpdesk function, the Secretariat will also announce on the Treaty website the list of scheduled workshops to assist applicants in the preparation of full proposals. 

- List of approved pre-proposals invited to develop full project proposals

- Map of Projects Windows 2

- Map of Projects Windows 3

- Full project proposals: Guidelines and Form  -  Guidelines with all appendices in Zip format


A) Text of the Third Call for Project Proposals

     -Appendix 2: List of countries eligible to apply

     -Appendix 3: List of National Focal Points and Permanent Representatives

     -Appendix 4A: Submission Form for Project Pre-Proposals

     -Appendix 4B: Guidelines for the submission of Pre-Proposals

 B) Information on the Help Desk 

 C) Decisions of the Bureau of the Sixth Session on the Third Call
             - 6 October 2014
             -14 February 2015
             - 5-6 March 2015

 D) Frequently Asked Questions

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