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  • The Benefit-sharing Fund - Crop diversity for food security

    Document type: Communication material

    Plant genetic resources for food and agriculture are essential if agriculture is to cope with climate change, pests and plant diseases. The Benefit-sharing Fund of the International Treaty assists farmers in developing countries conserve, manage and develop these resources for food security and improved livelihoods. This booklet also describes how the Multilateral System of the International Treaty provides the framework for conservation of these genetic resources and their availability for researchers, breeders and farmers worldwide, facilitating the development of climate-smart agriculture for the future.

  • The Benefit-sharing Fund

    Document type: Communication material

  • Invitación Cuarta Mesa Redonda de Alto Nivel

    Document type: Notification

    Me complace informarle que la IV Mesa Redonda de Alto Nivel sobre el Tratado Internacional "El Tratado Internacional, el Cambio Climático y la Seguridad Alimentaria", se llevará a cabo en Nueva York, bajo el patrocinio del Excmo. Dr. Fuad bin Jaafar Al-Sajwani, Ministro de Agricultura y Pesca del Sultanía de Omán, el 24 de septiembre de 2014 en ocasión de la 69 ª Sesión de la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas.

  • Invitation à la Quatrième table ronde de haut niveau

    Document type: Notification

    J’ai le plaisir de vous informer que la Quatrième table ronde de haut niveau sur le Traité international, ‘Le Traité international, le Changement climatique et la Sécurité alimentaire’, aura lieu à New York sous le patronage de S.E. le Dr. Fuad Bin Jafaar Al-Sajwani, Ministre de l’Agriculture et des Pêches du Sultanat d’Oman, le 24 Septembre 2014 à l’occasion de la 69e Assemblée Générale des Nations Unies et du Sommet sur le ‘Changement climatique’ du Secrétaire Général des Nations Unies.

  • Invitation to the Fourth High-Level Round Table

    Document type: Notification

    I am pleased to inform you that the Fourth High-Level Round Table on the International Treaty, “The International Treaty, Climate Change and Food Security,” will take place in New York under the patronage of H.E. Dr Fuad bin Jafaar Al-Sajwani, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Wealth, Sultanate of Oman, on 24 September 2014 in New York on the occasion of the 69th Session of the United Nations General Assembly and the United Nations Secretary General’s Climate Change Summit.

  • A Treaty to Fight Hunger – Past Negotiations, Present Situation and Future Challenges

    Document type: Book Chapter

    This book touches upon wide-ranging issues, such as international food policies and governance, economic and social aspects of food and seed trade, conservation and sustainable use of agricultural biodiversity, hunger alleviation, ecological concerns, consumer protection, fairness and equity between nations and among generations, plant breeding techniques and climate change adaptation. It provides for an extensive overview of the ITPGRFA negotiating and implementation process, undertaken by the stakeholders themselves. The authors identified challenges faced by the ITPGRFA and its community of stakeholders during this new and exciting phase of implementation, and explained the different interests and views of the major players in the global food chain.

  • Design and Structure of the Third Call for Proposal

    Document type: Meeting

    This document seeks the advice from the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on the Funding Strategy on the design and structure of the third call for proposals, in particular the annotated outline of the next call for proposals included in Annex 1 of this document.

  • La Unión Europea moviliza 5 millones de euros para mantener la diversidad de los cultivos

     El anuncio se ha realizado en la Conferencia Río+20 21 de junio de 2012, Río de Janeiro - La Unión Europea apoya con 5 millones de euros (6,5 millones de dólares EEUU) al Fondo de Distribución de Beneficios del Tratado Internacional sobre los Recursos Fitogenéticos para la Alimentación y la Agricultura, según informó hoy la FAO.
  • EU contributes €5 million to help farmers maintain crop diversity

    Support under plant genetics treaty fund announced during Rio+20 21 June 2012, Rio de Janeiro - The European Union is contributing €5 million euros (6.5 million dollars) towards the Benefit-sharing Fund of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, FAO announced today, at a high-level ministerial meeting on the plant treaty at the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.