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  • Invitation to complete two questionnaires - Synergies Project UNEP

    Document type: Notification

    UNEP would appreciate responses to this questionnaire by the end of 6 June 2014, in order to prepare an analysis as a basis for discussion at a workshop later in the year. This UNEP project is concerned with coherence and synergy in implementing the global biodiversity-related conventions.

  • Report on Cooperation with the Convention on Biological Diversity

    Document type: Meeting

    As requested by the Governing Body, this document contains a summary of the efforts and initiatives to enhance cooperation with the CBD since the Fourth Session of the Governing Body, and a selection of the most relevant outcomes of the eleventh Conference of the Parties to the CBD, for consideration and guidance by the Governing Body. In this regard, possible elements of a Resolution are provided.

  • Consumers

    Document type: Book Chapter

    The International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA or the Treaty) stands as a tool of governance of plant resources that is, ‘the genetic material of plant origin with effective or potential value for food and agriculture’ designed to respond at a global level to the objectives of economic solidarity and environmental sustainability. At first glance it could seem to be a matter between governments and farmers: in fact the Treaty, after stating in the Preamble that the contracting parties are convinced of the special nature of plant genetic resources, goes on to recognize that these resources are ‘the raw material indispensable for crop genetic improvement, whether by means of farmers’ selection, classical plant breeding or modern biotechnologies’, affirming that ‘the past, present and future contributions of farmers in all regions of the world, particularly those in centres of origin and diversity, in conserving, improving and making available these resources, is the basis of Farmers’ Rights’ (see Annex 3 of this book for details on the main provisions of the Treaty).

  • Educational Module 2 – Conservation and Sustainable Use under the International Treaty

    Document type: Training Material

    This is the second in a comprehensive series of educational modules on the International Treaty. Highlighting the importance of crop diversity for food security, it examines the provisions of the International Treaty dealing with conservation and sustainable use of crop diversity in detail and presents examples for their implementation. The lessons of Educational Module 2 provide technical aspects for learners with more of a political background in agriculture, and illustrate the legal framework of the International Treaty to learners that have more of a research and scientific background related to PGRFA. “Conservation and Sustainable Use under the International Treaty” has been produced under the coordination of the Secretariat through a participatory process involving international experts and stakeholders from all regions.

  • Anuncio de un proyecto de creación de capacidad para los países en desarrollo sobre la aplicación del Tratado Internacional y en particular su Sistema Multilateral de Acceso y Distribución de Beneficios, y Convocatoria de Expresiones de Interés

    Document type: Notification

    Tengo el honor de informar a las Partes Contratantes de la puesta en marcha por Bioversity International de un proyecto de fortalecimiento de las capacidades. El proyecto apoyará la investigación y el fortalecimiento de la capacidad de los países en las actividades relativas a la aplicación del Tratado Internacional, con un enfoque en temas de política relacionados con el Sistema Multilateral de Acceso y Distribución de Beneficios (SML).

  • Annonce d'un projet de renforcement des capacités pour les pays en voie de développement sur la mise en oeuvre du Traité et de son Système multilatéral d'accès et partage des avantages

    Document type: Notification

    J’ai l’honneur d’informer les Parties Contractantes du lancement du projet sus-référencé par Biodiversity International. Le projet supportera les activités de recherche et de renforcement de capacité des pays pour la mise en oeuvre du Traité international, en mettant en relief les questions politiques associées au Système multilatéral d’accès et partage des avantages.

  • Announcement of a Capacity Building Project for Developing Countries on the Implementation of the International Treaty and in particular its Multilateral System of Access and Benefit-sharing, and Call for Expressions of Interest

    Document type: Notification

    I have the honour to inform Contracting Parties of the launching of the referenced capacity building project by Bioversity International. The project will support research and capacity strengthening activities in countries concerning the implementation of the International Treaty, with a focus on policy issues associated with the Multilateral system of access and benefit-sharing (MLS).

  • Proceedings - International Farmers' Technical Conference

    Document type: Technical report

    Proceedings of the CBDC's International Farmers' Technical Conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 11 to 13 February 2004. The three-day activity was guided by three themes: 1) Conserving Agricultural Biodiversity; 2) Modes of Technology Transfer Towards Agricultural Biodiversity Conservation; 3) Initiatives to Protect Farmer Innovations and Agricultural Biodiversity, along the CBDC agenda items. The IFTC also included an agricultural biodiversity fair in the form of exhibits featuring among others: agricultural (and cultural) diversity in the regions and/ or countries, CBDC products (processed food or goods) from agricultural biodiversity, farmer inventions and innovations, impacts of CBDC in the region and/ or country, policy issues and concerns, and advocacy work of farmers and CBDC institutions . This document presents the proceedings of the three-day IFTC activity which is divided into the three themes and the technofora.