Last updated: 08/09/2016

CAPFITOGEN Programme for the Strengthening of Capabilities in National Plant Genetic Resources Programmes

The workshops contributed to improve skills and capacity of the technical staff in the area of conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. They also promoted the use and adoption of several data management tools adapted to the needs of the national programs of this region. Additionally, they help to gather information on the needs to further develop new tools within the framework of the Global Information System on Plant Genetic Resources referred to in the Article 17 of the International Treaty.

These activities are funded by Spanish Government and have been organized with the support of the National Plant Genetic Resources Centre of the Spanish National Institute for Agriculture and Food Research and Technology (CRF-INIA), the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the King Juan Carlos University, the National University of Colombia and the University of Santa Catarina in Brazil.

Thanks to the generous contribution of Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), the Secretariat funded travel and accommodation expenses of one participant per Contracting Party.  You can request additional information on the Programme at 


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- Brochure of the Programme

- More information on the tools developed under Capfitogen

User Manual in English

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Workshops organized:

- Text of the Notification for the second workshop

- Programme of the second workshop, 13-16 May 2014, Brazil (Spanish)

Pre-registration form (Spanish)

- Poster of the first workshop